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How to Identify The Symptoms Of Pregnancy After IUI

IUI is usually required in cases of male infertility or single women who want to get pregnant. In this procedure, the semen sample collected is washed and processed in the lab at the time of ovulation of the woman, and the doctor place.

As these sperms in the woman's uterus through a thin plastic catheter tube known as an IUI canula !

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This scientific process is almost like natural reproduction. Depending on the situation in some cases, medicines are also given to women for increasing ovulation and this increasing the chances of conception.

The most important requirement for IUI is that woman's Fallopian tubes should be open and patent, so that egg can travel from ovaries to the tube, and sperm which is inseminated, can reach there and fertilize the egg to form the embryo/baby.

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Understanding the IUI Procedure

If you are using your husband‘s sperm, then on that day of IUI, your husband will be asked to come along to the infertility center. Your partner in the clinic will be asked to give a sample of the semen. Then the sperm will be washed and cleaned from the semen in the lab and will be processed and prepared for IUI. If you are taking the help of a sperm donor, its sperms are already present in the lab in form of frozen samples which can be warmed and then processed for donor IUI procedure.

Once the processed semen sample is ready then the doctor in the infertility centre will ask you to lie down on the table and after making you comfortable would take a thin plastic catheter tube known as IUI canula from your vulva to the cervix and gently insert it through the cervix for a very short distance. During this time you may have mild pain. Now with the help of this tube, clean sperm will be placed in your uterus.

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After this, the doctor of the top IVF centre in Lucknow will ask you to lie down for some time with pillows under your buttock or elevated legend of the table for another 15-20 minutes.After this rest, you are fine and can go home along with medicines to support the pregnancy which one has to take for the next 15-16 days, and wait for periods to miss.

You do not have to worry that your walking or working will cause the sperm to come out, as they will be placed in your uterus. so you can go to the office or work from the next day.

Symptoms of pregnancy after IUI

About two weeks after the IUI process, the following symptoms can be seen in patients

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Missing of periods:

A patient can miss her period after 15-16 days of IUI which suggests that there could be pregnancy or it could be the effect of progesterone supplements given during the post-IUI phase to support the pregnancy. Once menstruation stops, you should immediately contact a doctor and get a urine or blood test for confirmation of pregnancy.


When the embryo is implanted on the wall of the uterus, bleeding may begin. This bleeding can be like spotting. This happens only about two weeks after the IUI process. Keep in mind that bleeding does not happen in every case. It is completely normal and maybe the first sign of conception but one needs to seek the doctor and consult. During this time you may also feel slight abdominal discomfort.

Breast tenderness:

You may feel sensitivity, softness, and mild pain in the breasts.

Weakness and tiredness:

With the changes in the body, you may feel tired.


infertility center in lucknow

Natural IUI-

Whether or not you have to be given any fertility medicine along with the IUI procedure would depend upon your cause of infertility, age, and any other associated factor. The IUI where no medications for increasing the egg size are given is a natural cycle IUI. In this, one has to visit the top IVF centre in Lucknow where ultrasound monitoring is done regularly to check for the increasing size of an egg and once ready then detect for natural ovulation. Once ovulation occurs, doctors perform an IUI procedure within 24 hours of follicular rupture which could be roughly day 12 to day 16 of the natural menstrual cycle depending upon the patient to patient.

IUI with fertility medicine:

If you have any kind of fertility problem associated with decreased ovulation, borderline ovarian reserve or low AMH, IUI in old age etc., then fertility drugs are used to increase the chances of conception. This is called IUI with ovulation Induction.

Ovulation Induction-

In this patient is given fertility medicines right from the beginning of the menstrual cycle from day ⅔ .This causes more egg formation and increases the chances of pregnancy. After this, the development of eggs is monitored through ultrasound and if required hormone injections are also given to support the growth of eggs. Once eggs are mature injection for rupture is given and then IUI is done between 24 and 40 hours after the injection.

How many cycles of IUI are necessary to become pregnant?

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Some women conceive at first, then some take time. If you are under 35, I recommend three to six cycles of IUI. At the same time, if the age is 35 years or more, the chances of conceiving through IUI are significantly reduced and up to 3 cycles of IUI can be tried and if conception doesn’t happen then should seek higher treatment after consulting a good infertility specialist.

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