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In the more than 40 years since the first IVF baby was born, advanced reproductive technology has come a long way. IVF is also one of the most common ways for people that are having difficulty conceiving a child to fulfill their desire of having a child. IVF has now become incredibly popular of its success, with an increasing number of couples and people seeking out all the information they can about the procedure.

Sadly, inquiring about IVF can cause some confusion and misconceptions. A few of the myths about IVF are completely false, whereas others contain a nugget of truth. We'd like to help dispel these misconceptions and false information once for all.


best fertility doctor in lucknow

The five most popular IVF myths are listed herein. If you have any concerns about a fertility clinic, ask the help of a fertility doctor rather than relying on the internet. Choosing the best fertility medication for you is a very personal choice. Get the truth from the best source possible: your doctor.

Myth 1: You can have numerous kids

Although IVF can result in multiples, the treatment only increase your odds of being pregnant with a viable embryo that has been fertilized successfully. At Uvara IVF, we firmly believe that transferring a single embryo increases the chances of having a healthy pregnancy.

There is a higher risk of miscarriage, labor problems, and preterm birth when several embryos are transferred. Several potential parents mistakenly believe that transferring several embryos increases their chances of having a healthy pregnancy. In reality, the inverse is valid. A single embryo transfer is optimal for the mother's and baby's wellbeing.

Myth 2: Using IVF to become pregnant increases the baby's risk of complications, developmental problems, and premature birth

Although research have shown that a small percentage of IVF babies are smaller, there is no clear evidence to back up this misconception. IVF babies do not have a greater chance of developmental problems or serious birth defects than other babies. Due to a serious male factor, spouses who require ICSI for egg fertilization may have a higher risk of birth defects. If ICSI is needed for some circumstances, the risk may be increased, but this is more likely due to sperm quality than IVF.

Genetic therapy will help you overcome your doubts and produce a good result. Even if it does not completely remove the possibility of having children with genetic defects, pre-implantation genetic diagnosis is one of the most reliable ways to will the chances of parenting a baby with genetic defects. It's a secure way to find out whether your embryos are genetically healthy, and it's advised in addition to initial genetic screening.

Myth #3: IVF increases the chances of getting cancer

There really is no published evidence that IVF and any other infertility therapy raises the risk of breast or ovarian cancer. The drugs widely used to produce multiple mature eggs induce increases in progesterone and estrogen levels, perpetuating this IVF theory. According to an article in the journal of the American Medical Association, IVF patients have the same risk of breast cancer as the general public.

While it is possible that having female factor infertility increases the risk of ovarian cancer, this is true in terms of whether or not you receive infertility care. This suggests that the actual infertility condition, instead of the treatment itself, increase the danger. Infertility is known to increase the risk of ovarian cancer in this population due to genetic factors.

Myth #4: Your weight will prevent you from getting a successful IVF procedure

Although it is much better for your wellness and the wellbeing of your child to start your IVF journey at a safe BMI, there really is no definitive proof that overweight women cannot have IVF success. Obese women, on the other hand, have reduced implantation and chances of success with IVF.

We assume our debunking of myths has alleviated your fears. Never let IVF theories get the best of you. If you have any concerns, always consult your fertility doctor or a member of the Uvara IVF, Dr Richa is the best infertility doctor in Lucknow..

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